The Four Pillars

Session 2 - Of Boxes and Cages

After the encounter with the Lizard Men one of the Party was injured and Zal was unable to heal his wounds. The mage grew weak and expired. Proxus took half the party back to town the remaining party stayed with Araska and headed south in search of the missing group.

They Finally came to the end of the cut valley they were following and arrived at the entrance to a giant crater. Stretched out for hundreds of miles is was a giant forest with large rock outcroppings emerging from the trees. To the left was a gentle sloping path into the crater and to the right was a steep switched back path that ended at the base of the crater. The party took the right path into the crater via the switch back trail.

As they traveled down the crater wall they could see a town on the far side of the crater. 

The party camped in a small valley close to the bottom of the crater wall. After they set up camp noises could be heard coming from the valley below. The Monk and Cleric snuck down to the bottom of the crater to scout the road ahead.

The trees at the base grew close to the edge but a space of 50 feet separated the wall and the forest.

He noticed that a path lead from the base of the crater into the woods and after quietly sneaking down the path he discovered two milestones and a scaffolding that held several cages hanging from it. Within one of the cages they discovered a halfling barely alive.

Freeing him from the cage the Monk and cleric took him back to the campsite.

The next the party took the carriage down to the base of the crater and dismounting from the carriage the party found the scaffolding clear of cages and a large wooden box sitting beneath the scaffolding.

The mage cast grease and a ball of grease was dropped atop the box. 

When the party approached a Cocktrice exploded from the box and attacked the party.

The mage was assulted by a grasping hand that attempted to strangle him.

After defeating the Cocktrice a Dinosaur attacked the party and after a mighty battle the beast was slain.



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