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  • Old Gods

    The Old Gods were worshipped during [[The Age of Mysteries]]. While some still worship the Old Gods to most they are forgotten or a footnote in the old tombs. 

    [[The Sisters of Memory]] have the best record of [[The Age of Mysteries]] …

  • The New Gods

    After the time of [[The Burrowing]] the people emerged and found a world changed by the chaos of the Malestrom.

    Part of that change was the absence of the [[Old Gods]].

    Soon after emerging the people discovered that they could …

  • The Manifested

    The Manifested are gods that have appeared to the peoples of [[The Ten Kingdoms]].

    They are are a small group of personalties each god ruling an aspect of the life.

    [[Torath]] Is one of the twin gods his brother is [[Neamoth]]. …

  • Orthon

    Orthon is known as the Child god. He was the first of the New Gods to manifest to the people of the kingdom. His followers believe that he is a child of the [[Old Gods]]. He is the god of Birth and Industry.

  • Kartha

    Kartha is the goddess of Life and loss. She was said to appear to her followers as a Lion and a Deer, this is said to represent the cycle of life and death. Kartha's followers also claim that when a group of pilgrims were traveling to her …

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