The Four Pillars Campaign Setting

Welcome to The World of The Four Pillars.

Long ago in The Age of Mysteries the Old Gods who had warred for centuries unleashed the Maelstrom a storm that covered the earth for five years.

This time came to be known as The Burrowing, a time when the races of the world were forced to unite to survive.

Once the storm cleared Four Towers were discovered. Each stood several miles high. First it was thought that a single tower had appeared, but soon the races of the earth discovered not one but four towers, each one marking the edge of the known world.

The Towers had but one entrance at the base of the tower and all those who entered were never seen from again. The towers came to be known as The Four Pillars and have fascinated scholars for centuries.

It is whispered that the Maelstrom is still raging beyond the Four Towers, but with the vast distances involved who can say.

Now many years after that terrible storm that changed the face of the lands and birthed The Ten Kingdoms a new age is dawning The New Gods have emerged to guide and impact the people of the The Ten Kingdoms and it will be the actions of a few brave heroes that will reshape The Ten Kingdoms.


The Four Pillars Campaign Setting

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